Video Strategy

Video works best when it's linked to your business's goals, values and mission. Wrappt gives you the framework to build a video strategy that will reflect your overall business strategy.

We will show you how to make different types of videos that accomplish different goals.


Marketing and sales

Video is powerful across the entire customer journey. Use different types of video to achieve your marketing goals.

Business goals

Internal Communication

Internally, using video results in higher employee engagement, retention and advocacy. Use different types of video to achieve your communication goals.
Internal communications goals

Video Types

Define what your video is about and how it should be structured.

Promotional Explain your business offering and your unique value proposition.
Video Ad Creatively advertise your brand, product or services through paid channels.
Thought Leadership Discuss and present industry-leading ideas to gain brand authority.
Testimonial Use customer success stories to build brand credibility.
Culture Video Communicate your vision, values and team stories.
How To A step-by-step guide to performing specific action, task or activity.
Product Video Showcase the features and benefits of your products and services.
Pitch Video Sell your ideas, products or services with a personalised video.
Video Update Engage your audience with important news and business information.
Training Video Teach your audience how to perform business processes and tasks.
Shareworthy Content Provoke conversation, sharing and interaction with engaging native content.
Event Video Summarise or share an event to connect with a wider audience.

What's next?

Creating a project

After deciding what type of video you are going to create, you can follow these steps to create the project in Wrappt.

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