Adding captions to your video

Captions are an amazing way to make your video more accessible to audiences and boost engagement. Captions are proven to have a massive effect on video performance, especially on social media.

How to use instant captions

You can add captions instantly to any video file that lives in your Wrappt library and edit them on the spot. Here's how:

  1. In your Wrappt library, select the video you want to add captions to 
  2. Select 'Add captions' underneath your video thumbnail and hit 'Confirm'. Captions will then be automatically generated for your video
  3. You can adjust the font colour, font size and background colour of the captions
  4. You can also adjust the text, timing and caption placement of every caption on the right of the screen
  5. Once you have made any adjustments, simply press ' Finalise and export to library' to generate a fully rendered version of your video with built-in captions. This will now be available to download from the library

You can view both the original video or the captioned version using the option above the video file in your library.

Instant captions is a new feature of Wrappt and we'd love to hear your feedback! 

As always, either email us at or choose 'Give Feedback' in the bottom left of your screen when logged into Wrappt.

Related FAQs

Q.  I've added captions to my video. How do I go back and edit them after I have exported to library?

A: To edit the captions of your video, select the captioned version from the drop-down menu above the video. You will then need to delete this version. Double-check you are not deleting the video titled 'Original Video'. Once you have deleted, select the original video from your library, select ' Edit Captions' and go through the steps listed above again. Any changes you made the first time will carry over, so you won't need to remake all your original edits.

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