Resizing your video

Resolutions is another way of referring to the aspect ratio or size of your video. Standard resolutions for video are landscape, square and portrait.

Having the ability to create multiple resolutions of your final video means you can optimise the viewing experience for each channel you share it to. 

Pro Tip: Add captions to each version of your video separately by clicking ‘Add captions’ underneath each resolution. This gives you the ability to customise the caption size and placement for each version of your video.

How to create different resolutions

With Wrappt, you can resize any clip or final video that lives in your library.

  1. Select your clip or final video from the library
  2. Under ‘Resolutions’ on the right, choose between ‘Landscape (16:9)’, ‘Vertical (9:16)’, or ‘Square (1:1)’

3. Switch between your different versions by selecting the resolution you want to view

4. Use the controls under the video player to download and share each version.

Deleting versions of your video

All Wrappt videos are initially created as Landscape, so if you delete the Landscape version of your video, all other resolutions you've created will also be deleted from your library.

If you delete the Vertical or Square versions, your original Landscape version will still be accessible.

To delete different resolutions of your video:

  1. Open your video from the library
  2. Select the desired resolution on the right under ‘Resolutions
  3. Hit the delete icon under the video player.

(Note: deleting a version also deletes any captions associated with that file)

Troubleshooting video resize issues

If you resize your video to square or portrait and notice that your on-screen text appears ‘chopped off’, you will need to re-edit your video to adjust the size and placement of the text.

To do this:

  1. Go to ‘Projects’ and select your video from the project list
  2. Hit 'Re-edit'
  3. Re-size your text so it sits closer to the center of the frame
  4. Hit ‘Create video’ to review and click ‘Approve
  5. Go to ‘Library’ and open your final video 
  6. Select the resolution from the right menu
  7. Add captions if desired
  8. Hit ‘Download’ or ‘Share
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