Add footage and files

You can add any combination of video footage, images, audio or other files to your project. Here's how:


All raw video footage can be uploaded as shots to your project. The video file types accepted are mp4 and mov.

  1. Select ‘Add shot

  2. In the shot screen, select ‘Add footage’ to select footage from your Wrappt library    

    You can upload footage to your library by selecting 'upload' and browsing your computer for the file.

  3. Trim and edit your shot as needed and select ‘Save
  4. Repeat this process until all video footage has been added.

Other files

All other files that aren’t mp4 or mov (video files), can be added to your project in the ‘Other Files’ section. These include image and audio files like jpegs, pngs, pdfs, mp3s and ai files.

  1. Go to the ‘Other files’ section on the right side of your project screen
  2. Click 'Add file'

  3. Select your file from the Wrappt library or upload it from your desktop
  4. Provide any relevant notes for how you want these files used in your video in the ‘Editing Notes’ section on the right side of the project screen.

Online videos or other links

For copyright reasons we cannot download videos from third-party platforms. All footage must be provided in its original form - as an mp4 or mov file - and added directly to your project's shot list prior to submission.

Upload all assets required to edit your video directly into your project prior to submitting it. If you forget to add something, contact with your project ID (4-digit code) to let us know what has been missed.

[Pro Tip: Your video will be edited much quicker and the process much smoother if you wait until you have all the required files before submitting your project.

Related FAQs

Q. Do I need to provide my own music?

A: Royalty-free music for your video is included in the project cost. For pro edit projects, your editor will select this for you based on your brief and your brand template. If you already have a music file downloaded (mp3), you can upload this into the Other Files section of your project.

Q. What if I need some assets to be created or supplied?

A: Contact a video or marketing agency of your choice to assist you in creating these prior to submitting your project. For more specific recommendations, contact and our team can point you in the right direction.

What's next?

Refining your project brief

Here is a useful guide to pre-editing and refining your shots so that you're 100% happy with them before you send them to us for editing.

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