Managing your library

An easily accessible pool of video content can be a powerful tool for brands. This allows you to store, review and repurpose all of your existing content for your business's ongoing needs. The Wrappt library lets you share your content across your entire organisation for easy access and management.

All approved videos made with Wrappt will be stored in your Library with the tag ' Final'. Use the search function in your library to search your final videos and download them as you need to.'. 

Your library can be sorted by file type, upload user or custom tags.

Adding items

To start building your library of content:

  1. Enter your library
  2. Hit 'Upload' 
  3. Either drag and drop or browse your computer for your file
  4. Add tags to find your library content easily later on


Managing multiple library items

To manage individual library items: 

  1. Click on an item from your Library
  2. From here you can:

To manage multiple library items: 

  1. Go to 'Library'
  2. Select your items by clicking the box in the top left of the thumbnail
  3. In the bottom right of the page, you can:
    • Download
    • Add tags
    • Delete


  • For security reasons, Wrappt does not keep any footage on file that has been deleted from your library, which means we’ll be unable to recover it for you if you change your mind.
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