Video publishing

Once you've completed your video, the next important step is figuring out how to publish it. From Wrappt, you have a number of options for getting your video in front of your audience without ever needing to leave the platform. 

How to publish your video

To publish a video, you'll have to access it from your library. This can be a completed project (which automatically uploads to your library) or an existing video you have uploaded to the library yourself.

To publish:

  1. Open your video from your library
  2. Click 'Share'
  3. Select a channel to publish to
  4. For YouTube, you will need to press 'Connect' to log in to your brand's account. This will open a new window that will direct you to the official YouTube login page.

Publishing channels

YouTube - This allows you to post directly to your connected YouTube account. After hitting 'Publish', you can choose your video title, description and visibility settings. 

This can be a great place to upload your brand's:

Facebook - Publishing to Facebook will be coming to Wrappt soon in the future. Once this is available, we will let you know!

Email - This will create a link to a private landing page that will play your video. This is an easy and secure way to show your video in emails and other channels where embedding is not possible.

Email is a strong way to drive sales or nurture a connection with your stakeholders. To help cut through the spam and generate more click-throughs, send videos such as:

Website/Blog - You can use this button to generate an embed code, which will allow your video to appear on your website or blog using the Wrappt video player.

This is one of the most vital places for your brand to be utilising video. Not only does it improve SEO, but increases engagement and creates a better website experience. This is where you should be posting content such as:

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