Approving your video

How to approve your video

If you're in love with your latest review, simply hit 'Approve' in Review mode and you'll be taken to a new page in your library where you can download the file as an mp4. 

All approved videos made with Wrappt will be automatically sent to and stored in your Library with the tag 'Final Video'. Use the tag search function in your library to search your final videos and download them as you need to.

For info on how to request a recut, click here.

Related FAQs

Q. What file type will my video be delivered in?

A: Your video is downloadable as an mp4 file. If you require a different file type, or have more specific requirements, you can let us know by adding the request to your Editing Notes in your project.

Q. Can I access the working files of my video?

A: Sorry, no. We can't share working files for your video, as our editors use both proprietary and off-the-shelf plugins that are not transferable to other devices. 

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