Requesting a recut

If there are changes within your business and you need to update your video, Wrappt has you covered to keep your videos up to date and aligned with your current business objectives.

How to request a recut of your video

There are two ways to submit a video to be recut. 

Option 1 - Create a new project

If your recut requires new footage to be added, or other deviations from your original video, it's best to create a new project using the final video file from your library. You can add this file in multiple times, trimming the parts you want along with a new brief (cost min. $90). 

Option 2 - Provide feedback on the original project

If your recut is just a shorter version of your video with no other changes required, it's best to contact requesting the completed project be reverted to 'Review' status. Then, go to the review page and add comments to the video for what you'd like 'recut' (cost min. $30 additional review fee, plus $40/min for any additional footage added).

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