Creating an account

Setting up your organisation with a new app or software can be daunting and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to guide you through your Wrappt onboarding as quickly and painlessly as possible, so you and your team can be making successful, pro videos in no time.

Wrappt gives your team the flexibility to work together on video projects from start to finish - with a  shared library, file tagging, custom video templates and collaborative review and feedback tools.

How to create an account in Wrappt 

A couple of things to note:

  • When you create an account in Wrappt, you will become the account’s ‘owner’
  • Make sure you use an email address from your company’s domain, rather than a personal email

In Wrappt, accounts are called ‘organisations’. To create a new organisation and set up your user login for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to get started
  2. Enter your name, email and password to create your unique login and hit ‘Register
  3. Enter your organisation name and details, choose if you’d like to add credit to your account now or later, and hit 'Save Changes'

[Tip: If someone from your team has already created an account for your organisation in Wrappt, you don’t need to do this process. Instead, simply follow the prompts in your email invitation to set up your unique user login]

Creating a new organisation as an existing Wrappt user

As a registered Wrappt user, you have the ability to create and toggle between multiple organisations (or 'accounts'). Follow these steps to create a new organisation:

  1. Log in to your account using your registered email and password
  2. Select the drop-down menu in the top left corner (where you see your organisation name) and click 'View all'
  3. On the organisations page, click the blue button in the top right corner that says "Create a new organisation" and follow the prompts

Structuring your account

Before you create your account in Wrappt, you might want to have a think about which set-up would benefit your team best - one account for all users within your organisation (collaborative and centralised across multiple teams and departments) or separate Wrappt accounts to keep each teams’ finances, content and project management separate.

Single Multiple
Editing credit
Top-up, use and track your video editing spend across your entire organisation. All project costs are itemised and can be viewed in your account settings under Editing Credit. For when each department or team needs to top-up, use and track editing credit separately to other departments, with no cross-over or shared credit.
Library content
When you want your entire organisation’s footage and video projects to be accessible in the one, centralised location. Use tagging to categorise your content for cross-team collaboration and minimising effort by repurposing content. Keep your library content separate to other teams or departments. If you decide to share video footage or files, you’ll need to manually download them out of one account, and reupload them into the other account’s library.
Subscription Keep costs low by paying just one monthly subscription for your entire organisation When you need each department or team to pay for their own Wrappt subscription
Best for? All businesses who want a centralised project management platform for video.
  • Agencies managing Wrappt accounts on behalf of clients
  • Large organisations where different departments need to maintain separate billing arrangements and don’t need to share footage or content.

For info on how to manage accounts and users, click here.

What's next?

Setting up your brand template

Now that you've created your Wrappt account, we can create a professional video brand template to be used across your organisation's future videos.

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