Setting up your pro brand template

When you create your Wrappt account, you'll be set up with a professional video brand template so your brand is accurately and consistently portrayed in all your videos. 

What is a brand template?

Creating a video brand template is a one-off activity that will be done for you by a Wrappt professional editor. All Get Started packages include one free brand template, which includes the creation of:

  • animated logo frames
  • music/audio tracks
  • transitions between shots 
  • lower thirds (aka speaking titles/name cards)
  • text/font style

Our Wrappt editors will use this template each time we edit one of your videos so that your brand is always presented correctly and consistently.

You’ll need to provide your brand assets - including logos, fonts, style guides etc. - during your onboarding so our team can create the template before editing any of your videos. 

Creating additional brand templates

If you've got multiple brands, or plan on making videos for other businesses, you will need more than one brand template set up and connected to your account. Additional templates can be created for $199 + GST per template. To request a new template, contact

[Tip: Adding additional templates to your account will require you to specify in your editing notes which template you need used  each time you  submit a project . To avoid this, consider setting up separate Wrappt accounts for each brand. This will ensure your editor will always know which template to use - meaning less work for you to do when writing the brief.]

Related FAQs

Q. What do I do if I need to update my brand template?

If your brand, logo or any other elements of your brand has changed, contact to request an update to your template. If your brand update requires just a simple logo switch-out, we’ll do this for you free of charge. If your template requires a full re-do in line with a new brand or sub-brand, these will incur a $199 + GST new template fee.

Q. I want my opening or closing logo frames to look different for one particular video, can I do this?

Any changes you request to your logo animation, transitions, music style, lower third style or opening and closing frames require updates to be made to your brand template before we can proceed in editing your video. If you submit a project with notes to update any of these templated elements, one of our Customer Success Managers will be in touch to confirm the universal change and provide a quote for any fees that may apply.

Q. Can I supply working files for logo animations we already have?

Absolutely - if you’ve had logo animations created for your brand already and would like these used across your Wrappt videos, send the working files and assets (any images or logos that were used in the animation) to during your onboarding.

What's next?

Managing your account

Your account is now set up so that you can begin working with projects straight away, but it is a good idea to take a look at what structure you want your organisation to have in Wrappt. This includes creating additional users and setting permissions.

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