Submitting your project for pro editing

Submitting a project for pro editing will send your brief and all assets to the nearest available Wrappt editor. They'll turn everything you provided into an awesome video using your editor notes as a guide.

Checklist before you submit

 Before you hit submit, there are a few things that it's a good idea to check so that we can create a video you'll love.

Check your footage & takes - If shots are missing or are the wrong take on your project timeline, jump back onto the device you filmed on to sync your project with the app.

Trim your shots - Use the Trim tool to make sure you're only submitting the parts of the video you want us to use. 

Order your project shots - You can click and drag the icon in the top right of each shot to reorder your shots.

Additional files - Ensure that any additional files such as logos, images or graphics that you want to be included in the video are added under the Other files tab.

Editor Brief - Your Wrappt editor will use this brief you to edit the video. Write this under 'Editor notes' on the right of the page. It is important to let them know how you want the video to look and feel.

To see how to give the best editing brief possible, click here.

Submitting a project for editing

When your project is ready to submit, you can view the cost of the pro edit on the right of the screen under 'Editing option'. 

When everything looks good and you're ready to submit, hit 'Submit for editing'.

Submitting a Wrappt project for editing

When to expect your edited video

Your pro video will be edited in 48 business hours from when your completed project is submitted. If you need to see a review sooner, you can request priority 24-hour service (business hours) in the Editing Notes section of your project, prior to submission. This service will add a 50% surcharge on top of the cost of your project. 

While we cannot provide a more specific delivery time, you can be assured you'll receive your first review within the first 24 business hours following submission of a priority project, and within the first 48 business hours following submission for all other projects.

When your edit is complete, your video will switch from Draft to Review.

For info on pro edit pricing, click here.

What's next?

Reviewing your project

Review rounds are offered as a chance to view the video we send back to you and request any changes that you'd like us to make.

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