Writing a best practice video brief

It's not always easy to provide a great brief. But the best way to avoid confusion with your project and make sure your editor can deliver a video that you love, is to provide detailed, clear instructions and guidance during the plan and create stages of your project.

Writing a best practice brief for your project

The best videos are made from the best briefs.

Here are some top tips for providing a great brief to your editor:

  • Fill out as much detail as you can in Plan mode
  • Be specific - for example, if you want something cropped out of frame, rather than saying “crop in closer”, say “crop in to remove the corner of the TV on the right”.
  • Use the Editing Notes to give instruction to your editor about how you want them to use the assets provided
  • If people are speaking in your video, include their full name and title in the Editing Notes so your editor can create lower thirds for them.
  • Don't worry about learning all the film lingo in one night. Just be as clear and specific as you can, but if you'd like to take a look at some of the terminology and lingo to get the ball rolling, click here.

Using Editor Notes

Editor Notes is a section in the Create stage of your project where you can leave comments and instruction for how you want your video to come together stylistically. 

Between the information you provided in the Plan stage, your pre-approved brand template, and the Editor Notes in your project, your editor will be able to create your video to-brief as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 


Do not put instructions for how the video should be edited in a shot's Filming Instructions. This info goes into the Editor Notes section only.

If you struggle knowing what to write in Editor Notes, use these headings to get you started:

Reference video: Give us a link to an example of a video you were inspired by or want yours to look/feel like (if you have one)
Music: What kind of music does this video need? E.g. uplifting? corporate? energetic? Describe it.
Style: Is your video quick and snappy with a fast pace, or measured and slower in pace?
Titles: Any instruction for your title (text/logo) frames? Do title frames need to appear throughout your video? If so, provide the detail of what copy is needed and where.
Special requests: Is there anything else we need to know before we start editing your video? Any changes required to your project footage or your master brand template? (e.g. logo animation, transitions etc.)
Thinking about and sharing your thoughts on the above elements within your Editor Notes will go a long way to helping you get the perfect outcome when it comes time to review what your editor has created.
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