Planning your project

Work smarter, not harder when it comes to being strategic about video. Wrappt’s Plan mode has been designed by video and marketing experts to ensure your videos always hit the mark and achieve their intended goal.

Plan mode

Plan mode is where you can identify a name and goal for your video, as well as what type of video you are trying to create. 

Here, you have an opportunity to provide a thorough brief in the form of our Wrappt VIDEO acronym - detailing things like: 

  • VIEWER: Who will be watching your video?
  • INFORMATION: What information or key messages do you want the audience to come away with?
  • DISTRIBUTION: How will your video be distributed or shared?
  • ENGAGEMENT: What creative vision do you have that will engage and entertain the audience?
  • OUTCOME: What the ideal result or outcomes of the video will be.

Once you’ve finished planning this out, you'll move through to Create mode, where you’ll be able to provide more specific instruction to your editor in the Editing Notes section. 

[Tip: The more detail your editor has about your video the better the finished product will be!]

What's next?

Preparing a project for filming

You're almost ready to start filming! Before you do, Wrappt can help you fill out a shot list with scripts and filming instructions to make filming a breeze.


Add footage and files

If you already have the footage and files you need for your project, follow these instructions on how to add them to your project.

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