Wrappt Pro Credits

Need a little help? Add pro credit to your account and tap into our team for support on your video projects.

Pro Editing

With Wrappt, you can submit your project for pro editing and have one of our professional editors turn your footage into a next-level video that is sure to wow your audience. This is a paid service that uses Pro Credit that can be topped up in your account at any time.

Submitting a project for pro editing

To calculate the cost of your project, you can use the Wrappt pro-editing formula:

$50 project fee + $40 / minute of raw footage provided

Your project cost will update in real-time, viewable in your project summary panel on the right side of the screen. This is how much pro credit will be deducted from your account when you hit 'submit'. 

If you are using still images in place of footage, additional fees may apply. We'll notify you of these fees so you have full visibility on the cost of your video.

[Tip: Raw footage is charged in full minute increments, so if your project footage is coming in a few seconds over the next minute, use the trimming tool to remove those extra seconds and save yourself $40! Or, consider making the most of it by providing more footage for your editor to work with]

24-hr editing priority

Wrappt offers two levels of editing priority. A standard pro video will be returned to you in 2 business days, however, you can also request a priority 24hr service to receive your video in 1 business day. 

If you require the 24-hour service, let us know in the editor notes prior to submitting your project for pro editing.

This service will add a 50% surcharge on top of the cost of your project. 

[For example, if your project costs $130 to submit and you request priority service, the total cost of your video will be updated to $195.] 

Additional review rounds

When you submit your video, we will offer you one free review to provide feedback to our editors and request changes. After that, you can request additional changes for $30 per round

If we miss any feedback or make a mistake in editing your video, we’ll fix it for you free of charge.

Production Assistance

Engage a pro to help you create your video content. From writing a script and building out your Wrappt project, to providing creative assistance and filming, ask us how we can bolster your video crew resources.

Contact support@Wrappt.com to request a quote.

Support and Training

Get expert help onboarding and training your team to use Wrappt. From best practice filming technique, to video strategy and management, let us set you up for success with the right knowledge and skills.

Contact support@Wrappt.com to request a quote.

With Wrappt, you can refer new users to get free pro credit βœ¨

For info on our referral program, click here.

How to top-up your pro credit

Wrappt credit is valid for up to 2 years. If you're an Admin of your Wrappt account, you can top up your credit at any time.

Log in to your account and select ' Add Credit' in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can top up either by credit card or by contacting support@wrappt.com to request an invoice. 

Related FAQs

Q. When do my pro credits expire?

A: Your credits are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Q. Are my pro credits refundable?

A: Unfortunately no, credits purchased are non-refundable. 

Q. I don’t need all of my credit, can I use some of it to get some help filming new content or submitting my projects for me?

A: Absolutely! To get some extra help making your video projects, contact support@wrappt.com for a quote.

Q. Can I use my pro credits to pay for my Wrappt Pro subscription?

A: Unfortunately, no. Your pro credits are connected to our pro services network, which means they can be used for pro editing, filming support or other professional services you may need to help your team plan, film or edit your videos. Wrappt subscriptions cover the level of access you have to features in the platform, and are processed separately.

What's next?

Working with projects

With pro credit in your account, the next step is to create and submit a video to send off for editing! πŸ‘

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