Creating a project

Use projects to edit your footage and create a video. With projects, you can choose whether you submit your footage to our crew for pro editing, or edit it yourself with Auto Edit.

Ready to create a project? Let’s do it! 

Create from scratch

  1. Log into Wrappt and select ‘Projects’ from the left menu

  2. Click ‘Create project’

  3. Choose a blank project or pick a template to get you started

Creating a project in WrapptYour project dashboard gives you a full view of all projects created within your organisation's account. This is where you can view, duplicate or delete projects by selecting the three dots next to their names.

Create a project from your library

If you already have the clips you need in your library, you can instantly create a project with these:

  1. Go to 'Library'
  2. Select the clips you want to use in your video
  3. Hit 'Create project' in the bottom menu

Wrappt library select

Create a project from a template

Kickstart your creativity with a pre-built video project including storyboard, script tips, music, text animations and transitions. Your brand style is automatically applied – simply film or add your footage and customise.

To choose a video template for your project:

  1. Go to 'Templates'
  2. Click on a template to preview an example video and story structure
  3. Hit 'Use template'

What's next?

Once your project has been set up, it's time to get creative! Add your footage in and either edit it yourself with Auto Edit, or select Pro to prepare a brief and shoot it through to our Wrappt crew for pro editing.

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