Adding, removing and managing users

You can set your organisation structure within Wrappt however you like to best suit your business. Add, remove or manage the users with access to your Wrappt account at any time with these quick steps.

Adding a new user

To add a new user to your account:

  1. Go to ‘Settings
  2. Select ‘Users
  3. Select ‘Invite User

  4. Enter the user’s full name, email address and what level of permissions you’d like them to have in the platform

The user will receive an invitation via email to your account. All they need to do is accept the invitation and create their own unique login password and voila! They’ll be ready to go.

Edit user access

To change the level of access that a particular user has to your Wrappt account:

  1. Go to ‘Settings
  2. Select ‘Users
  3. Find the person you wish to change and hit the three dots icon next to their name
  4. Hit 'Edit access'
  5. Under permission, select the level of access you would like to give them

For info on different user roles and permissions, click here.

Deleting a user

If someone with Wrappt access to your account no longer works for your organisation, you can remove them without removing the assets or projects their user account is associated with. 

  1. Go to ‘Settings
  2. Select ‘Users
  3. Find the person you wish to remove and hit the three dots icon next to their name
  4. Hit 'Remove from organisation'

Relevant FAQs

Q. If I delete a user from my organisation, will it delete all their projects, files and uploads in the library?

A: No, nothing will be deleted, and you will continue to see their name listed against those files and projects.

Q. I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

A: If you have forgotten your password, go to the Wrappt login screen, select 'Forgot your Password' and follow the prompts to create your new password. Just remember - changing your password means you’ll need to re-login to your app on other devices. 

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