User roles and permissions

Every user you invite to your Wrappt account can be set up with one of four key roles. Each role has a different level of permission or access to your Wrappt account. 

Owner - The owner of your account is usually the one designated person who is β€˜in charge of’ or manages the Wrappt account on behalf of your organisation. It’s who the Wrappt team will speak to with any queries related to your account overall.

Admin - An admin of your account has full access and permissions, including financial access to be able to use and top-up your editing credit, manage your account and add or delete users.

Users - A user is someone who can contribute footage to your Wrappt library and also create and submit projects for editing.

Contributor - A contributor has limited access to your Wrappt account and can upload footage to your library only. This is a great setting for contractors and external users (ie. videographers) who may only need temporary access to your account for file transfer purposes. They won't be able to view any created projects or any footage they haven't uploaded themselves.

Permission Contributor User       Admin      Owner     
Film on the Wrappt App
Leave feedback on projects in review*

Upload new footage to your Library

View existing projects and library content

Create and submit projects for editing

Manage your Library

Create Custom organisation templates

Refer other businesses and earn free credit

Top-up editing credit 

Manage organisation set up

Add or delete users

Oversees organisation and all users

*If the project creator gives them the unique share link

What's next?

Adding, removing and managing users

Once you have an understanding of the user roles and permissions, you are ready to put this into action with your Wrappt account.

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