Filming with the Wrappt App

The Wrappt App is your ultimate filming app making your footage capture fast, seamless and high quality. And best of all - it’s free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

Downloading the Wrappt App

Want to be able to film professional-quality footage from your smartphone? 

Our app is available in the App Store:

and Google Play Store.

Play store

Log in to the app using your personal login details (your device will remember your login).

Filming in camera mode

The camera in the Wrappt app has additional features and controls that help bridge the gap between amateur smartphone footage and professional-quality footage. 

To film content for later use, it’s best to go straight into camera to record, save and upload the footage to your library. Here’s how:

  1. Select the menu icon in the top left corner of the app
  2. Hit ‘Camera’ 

     Wrappt App Homepage

  3. Capture your footage using the record button in the bottom centre of the camera
  4. Once you’ve finished recording, select to either Keep or Discard your footage

Filming in project mode

Here’s how you can film into a project using the Wrappt App:

  1. Create your project either on desktop or in the App
  2. Prepare your project for filming by adding empty shots
  3. Select the shot you wish to film into
  4. In the shot screen, hit 'Film take' to open the camera
  5. Set up your shot by using the camera controls 
  6. When you’re ready, record your shot
  7. Select 'Keep'
  8. Watch the playback in shot mode by clicking on the thumbnail (make sure your mic is unplugged!)
  9. If you’d like to try that shot again, hit 'Film take' to record another take
  10. Repeat this process until you have a take you are happy with. Make sure the blue tick is next to the selected take

     Filming with the Wrappt App

  11. Move to the next shot in your shot list and repeat until all footage for your project is filmed

Uploading project footage to the cloud

Once you’ve filmed into your project, you can do one of two things:

  • Submit your project for editing 
  • Upload the project footage to the cloud to make further changes

There are many times you may wish to review your project footage on a bigger screen, share your footage with someone else in your team, or make other amendments before submitting it to us for editing. 

If you have filmed into a project but not yet uploaded it to the cloud, you will not be able to view the footage on your computer (and neither will your teammates). Here’s how to make your project footage visible outside your device:

  1. Open up your project on the device the footage was filmed on
  2. Select the menu icon in the top right corner
  3. Select 'Upload project footage to cloud

     Uploading to the Wrappt Cloud


  • This may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection and how much footage you are trying to upload.
[Tip: Make sure you have a good internet connection and enough storage on your phone before you start filming. This will make the filming process smoother and the footage upload process much quicker

After this process is complete, you (and other users in your organisation) will be able to instantly see your footage both in your project and in your shared library.

Uploading from device library to cloud library

After you film content on your phone in the Wrappt App, you’ll need to upload the footage from your device into the cloud library. This makes it accessible across your organisation and all your devices.

To do this, follow these quick steps:

  1. Select the menu icon in the top left corner of the app
  2. Hit 'Library'
  3. Toggle over to the 'Device' library from the top menu
  4. Hit 'Select' at the bottom of the screen and choose your shots
  5. Hit the upload icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and hit 'Upload to cloud library

     Uploading to the Wrappt Cloud


  • This may take a few minutes to complete, depending on how much footage has been selected.

Related FAQs

Q. Is the quality of smartphone footage good enough?

A: Absolutely. The quality of modern smartphone cameras is very high and continues to improve. However if you're looking to boost the quality of your footage even more, we suggest grabbing yourself a Wrappt Kit` for professional quality sound, stability and lighting.

Q. Can I use my iPad to film?

A: Yes, if you have the Wrappt App on your iPad you can film content the same way you would using your mobile. If you're using a Wrappt Kit to film, you may want to consider investing in an iPad-sized rig so you can continue to use the tripod for footage stability.

Q. I can’t hear any audio of my recording when I watch the playback on my phone. How do I fix this?

A: Don’t stress! Most likely there is a microphone still plugged in which is stopping the audio from coming through your device speakers. Pull out the microphone, make sure your volume is turned up and try again. If you're still having audio playback issues, contact

Q. Can I recover something I have deleted from my project?

A: If you delete a shot from your project, the footage may still be available if it was stored in your Wrappt library. If the shot was filmed fresh in the project - as in, on your phone or filming device - and not yet uploaded to the cloud, this means it is unable to be recovered. For security reasons, Wrappt does not keep deleted items on file, so make sure you're 100% confident before deleting any files from your Wrappt account.

What's next?

Refining your project brief

Here is a useful guide to pre-editing and refining your shots so that you're 100% happy with them before you send them to us for editing.

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