Preparing a project for filming

If you plan to capture new footage for your project rather than drawing existing content from your library, you can plan ahead by creating your shot list and script in Wrappt before jumping on your phone to film using the Wrappt App.

How to prepare a project for filming

Here’s how:

  1. Open or create your draft project
  2. Select 'Add shot'
  3. Click on the shot to open the shot screen
  4. Rename your shot at the top of the shot screen
  5. Write notes to yourself in the 'Filming instructions' section to help you capture the right footage
  6. If you plan on using the teleprompter, paste your script for each shot into the 'Script' section of your shot screen
  7. Repeat this process to add as many shots as you need
  8. Re-order your shots into the order you will be filming them in, to help speed up the filming process (you can always reorder them again for your editor once you’ve finished filming)


    Filming instructions are only visible to you and are there to help you while filming. Do not put instructions for how the video should be edited in a shot's Filming Instructions. This info goes into the Editor Notes.

[Tip: Your projects are automatically saved in draft mode, so once you’ve finished adding your shots, you can jump off the computer and straight onto your phone to begin filming]

Related FAQs

Q. I want to prepare a project but have my colleague do the filming, can I do this?

A: For quality control reasons, other users in your account cannot edit a project that was created by you. This means that whoever is going to film the project should be the one to create the project to begin with. One way around this is to create a draft project and then save it as a template for your organisation, as this will make it available to others in your team to select and use. 

Q. Can I create a project entirely in the App?

A: Yes you can! Just be aware that some features aren’t available in the App, including the trimming tool and Other Files upload, so it’s best to jump back on the computer after filming to finalise your project before submitting.

What's next?


Your shots are now all ready to be filmed! Check out Wrappt's filming tools such as the filming app and film kit to make this process simple and easy.

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