Creating a video with Auto Edit

What is Auto Edit?

Auto Edit is an intuitive video editor that allows you to stitch footage together, customise with your branding and get your finished video in front of your audience all within minutes - no pro needed!

With Auto Edit, you have access to simple editing features including:

  • Footage trimming
  • Transitions
  • Royalty-free music
  • Text-on-screen animations

Before you start

Auto Edit allows you to customise footage with your branding, keeping your video content consistently on-brand. Before you start creating, you'll need to set up your brand and preferences in Settings.

  1. Go to 'Settings'
  2. Select 'Brand'
  3. Upload your brand assets, add your colours and set your fonts
  4. Choose your animation preferences for transitions and text
  5. Generate your logo animation screen (this will automatically be saved to your library)

Now you're ready to start creating videos with Auto Edit!

How do I create an Auto Edit video?

Follow the same process as you do when you are creating a project

Once you're in the project, you’ll see ‘Auto’ has been pre-selected as the editing option in your right-hand summary panel. 

Follow these steps to create your video with Auto Edit:

  1. Click 'Add Shot' to add footage into your project
  2. Trim each shot to your desired in and out points
  3. Add text to your footage (or create shots with background colour only and add text to create intro slides, titles, calls to action, instructions or contact details)
  4. Choose transitions between shots
  5. Select a music track for your video in the right-hand summary panel
  6. Add a shot at the end of your project to insert your pre-made logo animation (optional)
  7. Hit 'Create video' to generate your finished video (this may take a few moments)

Reviewing or re-editing your finished video

When your video is ready for review, you can watch it, share it for feedback, re-edit it (if it needs a few more tweaks) or approve it.

Once you’ve selected ‘Approve’ on your video, it will be automatically saved into your library, tagged with  ‘Final Video’, ready for you to download and publish however you like

(Want to know more about organising your library? Click here for more on tagging!)

Need help from a pro?

Want a little more professional polish on your video creation? Simply switch your video from 'Auto' to 'Pro' in your project's summary panel, make clear notes for the editor and submit your job for editing. Check out our best practice tips for using our Pro Editing service.

Related FAQs

Q. Can I edit my Auto Edit project more than once?

For sure - there are no limits to how many times you can make changes and re-create your own Auto Edit video!

Q. Can I collaborate with my team on a project?

Yes! Any team member with ‘Admin’ permissions can make changes to a project. Collaboration is the name of the game!

Q. How can I share my finished video?

Once you’ve selected ‘Approve’ on your video, it will be automatically saved into your library, tagged with  ‘Final Video’ , ready for you to download and publish however you like.

Q. How do I remove the watermark from my video?

All videos made with the free version of Wrappt will have a Wrappt watermark. To remove the watermark, subscribe to our Early Access Plan and continue making all the video you can handle!

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