Using the teleprompter

When preparing to shoot your video, you may want to provide a script to help your talent out when you get stuck into filming. The Wrappt teleprompter takes away a lot of the hassle on the day and lets you instantly access your script from the project cloud on your device for filming.

Preparing your script

The easiest way to paste a script into your teleprompter is on the computer (before you jump on the phone to film):

  1. Add a shot to your project and open it up
  2. Paste your script for this shot into the section called 'Script'   
  3. Repeat this process for each shot in your project. 

A couple of things to note:

  • Whatever text you paste into each shot is what will appear in your teleprompter when you open that shot up to film it in the app (you can still make edits to the script on your phone if required)

Using the teleprompter on your phone

1. Open your project

2. Select the shot you want to film

3. Select 'Film take' (this will open up your camera)

4. Put reverse camera mode on and frame up your shot

5. Select 'T' for teleprompter and this will bring up your script for that shot

[Tip; You can adjust both the size of the text and the speed it moves. Record a few test runs with your talent using the teleprompter to get the settings right. These settings will then stay in place for the duration of your filming.]

For more info on how to film using the Wrappt App, click here.

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