Understanding Wrappt's Free plan

If you’re keen to get started with Wrappt and use the most essential features, the Free plan is the plan for you!

The Free plan is great for teams who don’t make video very often, but want to use Wrappt’s professional editing network for ad hoc Pro Edit video projects.

To see a full breakdown of Wrappt’s features for the Free and Pro plans, check out our feature comparison table

Free plan features

The Free plan includes:

  • Projects with limitations

You can create video projects with Wrappt and choose to edit yourself with Auto Edit or send to a pro for Pro Edit (see pro credits for more information on Pro Edit service fees). All Auto Edit videos will have a Wrappt watermark, and Pro Edit videos will be turned around in 3 business days (unless priority service is requested).

  • 5GB library storage

You can store up to 5GB of footage and files in your Wrappt library. Find out more about how to manage your library here.

  • Landscape-only exports

You can download your finished videos in full HD, landscape format. To access other formats (like square or portrait) you'll need to upgrade to the Pro plan.

  • Wrappt app

On the Free plan, you can take advantage of the smart filming tools and instant footage syncing from our Wrappt app, to make filming from your smartphone a breeze. Check out this article to learn all about this feature.

  • Webcam and screen recorder

You can record your webcam, desktop, browser window or Chrome tab with all your audio inputs - to make easy tutorials, updates or internal videos. without leaving your desk. Your recordings will be instantly available in your project or library.

  • Instant captions

You can add branded captions instantly to your videos, and make tweaks to the text, style and timing, as you need. To learn more about captions, check out this article.


Here are the limitations of our Free plan to keep in mind:

  • All Auto Edit videos you create will have a Wrappt watermark
  • Turnaround time for Pro Edit videos is 3 business days, compared to 2 business days for the Pro plan subscribers
  • Your library has limited storage capability at 5GB, minimising your footage and project management capabilities.
  • No social media exports - with landscape only, your video content won't be optimised for certain social platforms where square and portrait formats are preferred
  • There are no customisation options for video templates or brand elements. You'll need to upgrade to a Pro plan to access more customisation options
  • Support is provided by email or in-platform only and no training or account set up services are included
  • Credit purchased for pro services on the Free plan has a 2-year expiry date.

Upgrade to a Pro plan

If you decide you need more than the Free plan can offer, you can upgrade to Wrappt Pro at any time! 

To do this, simply click on the 'Upgrade' button in your account menu and follow the prompts. You can choose to pay monthly via credit card, or annually by invoice.

To view pricing and feature inclusions, click here.

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